If your body suddenly trembles during sleep, this is what it means

It seems no matter how many times it happens to me, it never gets better or seems any less bad.

You know, you start to drift off to dreamland, but just when you’re about to fall into that deep sleep, you start to fall, or something hits you in the face and wakes you up from the dreamland of hell. ‘a blow. and amazing way.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been curious about this strange phenomenon, but I’ve always wondered why it happened. Apparently, this is something that happens regularly to people.

Scientists have finally figured out what this means. They even called him an official name, the “brilliant jerk”.

The sleep jolt is described differently by everyone, but generally shared experiences say it feels like a fall. Interestingly, he was also described as a demon that strangles you while you sleep.

Researchers believe that certain external causes, such as caffeine and tobacco, can increase the frequency of tremors. They recommend avoiding any caffeinated drink if bedtime is only a few hours away.
It has also been observed that drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin can have similar effects, and it has been observed that sleep deprivation also triggers this phenomenon.

Sleep tremors are often observed when a person falls asleep quickly, during or after a state of stress. In rare cases, when the body is really stressed, the brain processes sleep stages too quickly, confusing itself into thinking that the body and its major systems are failing.

It responds by shaking you to wake you up with a jolt of chemicals, the ones the brain could interpret, and then constructing a dream designed to wake you up, which is the basic premise of the “exhausting jolt” theory.

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