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Thirteen calls that your heart is no longer working properly

One of the biggest indicators that your heart has stopped working properly is the feeling that something is wrong.
However, this is not always immediately noticeable.

  1. Your heart skips a beat or extra beats appear – Normally, the heart’s electrical system fires once or twice a second, causing the chambers to contract in a coordinated way.
    But sometimes a part of the heart that’s broken down can cause it to beat extra, and the chambers no longer contract in the normal way, which can look very different in our chest.
    If this happens regularly, stress, poor sleep, excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption, and certain anti-inflammatories may be to blame.
    If symptoms persist after sufficiently eliminating these causes, be sure to seek medical attention
  2. Chest pain when exercising – Your heart should not speed up during exercise.
    If this happens, one of the arteries that supply blood to the heart may be blocked.
    During exercise, our heart works faster and harder to supply blood to our muscles, and it needs more oxygen-rich blood.
    Cut the arteries properly, but if the arteries are clogged, you won’t be able to connect them.
    Reduce your workload while exercising, then see your doctor to check your condition

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