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Have you ever heard of cooking therapy? Here are its main benefits

New Australian studies have proven that cooking is really good for the body as it is good for the morale, this is what has been called “cooking therapy”.

Healing cooking includes all kinds of food and cooking-related activities, such as growing an organic fruit or vegetable garden, meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, and cooking experiences .

It has many benefits including relieving stress, dispelling feelings of tension, restoring self-esteem, encouraging creativity and the ability to communicate with others.

Many counselors now use cooking or baking as therapeutic tools for people with mental health issues in what is known as “therapeutic cooking”.

According to a recent study conducted by Edith Cowan University (Australia), people who cook regularly will be more comfortable in their bodies but also in their minds.

Australian researchers followed 657 people during their participation in the Healthy Cooking program, between 2016 and 2018. At the start of the observation, two thirds of the volunteers were overweight. The duration of the program was 7 weeks.

At the end of the “Healthy Kitchen” program, the researchers, whose work was published in the specialized journal Frontiers, reported “significant improvements in the general health, mental health and subjective vitality of the participants “. This physical and mental well-being was maintained (on average) for 6 months.

Contrary to what one might think, not because the volunteers started to “eat better” felt better, but rather the researchers confirmed that the “mental health of the participants improved despite the fact that their diet did not change after completing the program. This indicates that there is a link between kitchen confidence and mental health benefits.

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